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Battery draining is the most annoying thing that almost every smartphone or Android user experience once in a life. There are many ways that reduces the smartphone’s charging and you prefer to charge your phone frequently in a day. Furthermore, every cell phone battery have the limited capacity to charge and it shows some negative signs overtime. The experts at the phone repair shop in Tampa always advise their customers to leave some important habits which are bad for their mobile phone’s battery life. So, let’s discuss them in detail.  

Habits You Should Leave for Saving the Battery of Your Phone-Phone Repair Shop in Tampa

Let’s discuss the habits explained by the Phone repair shop in Tampa which contributes in depleting your phone’s battery. 

  1. The Screen:

Display or the mobile phone screen plays a vital role in depleting the battery life of the mobile phone. According to the phone repair shop in Tampa, this problem usually occur because of the high brightness of the display. But thankfully, this problem is easy to resolve and you just have to dim the screen’s brightness in the option bar right above the screen with the help of slide. 

2. Turn Off the Background Applications:

This is the most common problem because apps which runs in the background decrease the battery’s life quickly. If you want to resolve this issue as soon as possible, you should remove the application from the background. However, these applications runs in the background when you are not using them: 

  • Calendars.
  • Video chats with clients
  • File storage 
  • Google drive 
  • Dropbox 
  • Health and fitness trackers, and much more.

3. Playing videos:

If you are game lover and love to play video games back to back without charging your phone or while charging your phone, your device’s life is in danger. People often use the Youtube, TikTok, and many battery consuming applications frequently. Many smartphones on the other hand, have the feature where you can see which app drained more battery. This way, you can easily estimate the battery timing of your phone and reduce the screen time for saving the battery. 

4. GPS

Many mobile phone users use the constant location tracking permission for downloading the new apps. The new applications which use the phone’s location can easily disable by checking the app’s settings or you can use the system’s location or system manager. But if you disable the features completely, it will be a quicker solution and you have to disable the phone’s location services. 

Visit the Phone Repair Shop in Tampa for Getting More Information and Recommendations: 

There are many factors are include which affects the phone’s battery life and reduces the charging time. There are many possibilities that you overuse the phone’s screen with high brightness late night. Besides, the experts at the Tellfix advise their customers try to remove the applications from the background when you leave your phone from rest. Some people use the improper charger for charging their mobile phones. 

If you find these issues in your mobile phone and finding the best solutions for resolving them, phone repair shop in Tampa will be the best solution hub for you. It is a brand which does not speak itself but its valuable and quality services force you to bind you with them for a longer time period. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Drains the Phone’s Battery Fast?

These signs indicates your mobile phone’s battery life is draining fast: 

  • Your mobile phone have too many applications in the background which is operating at the same time. 
  • The high brightness of the display draining the charging. 
  • You use the phone screen excessively. 
  • Also, there is a no service available on your phone.  

What are the Signs of the Weak Cell Phone Battery? 

Here is a check list which indicates that your phone’s battery is weak: 

  • Your phone’s battery depletes rapidly. 
  • Besides, the phone does not charge when you plug in into the adapter. 
  • Maybe your switch board is not good for charging your phone. 
  • Your phone automatically restarts. 
  • Even battery gets too hot.  

What Factors Destroys the Phone’s Battery?

You need a high voltage for chagring the smartphone because it has the complex lithium-ion batteries. This kind of battery have 80% of charging capacity and then you can remove the turn off the charger. But if you keep your battery 0 it will strain out. Therefore, you should keep the balance in charging your mobile phone for saving it from overcharging. 

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