How do I obtain an Umrah visa from uk?

We need a Saudi Arabia visa to make a spiritual journey to Mecca. If you are considering booking Umrah packages, all necessary travel arrangements, such as flights, hotels, and visas, will usually be included. A package is a complete set of all facilities to perform Umrah from UK. The question is; How do I get an Umrah visa from the UK? A simple question. The procedure for obtaining a special permit for Umrah in Saudi Arabia is simple. Before knowing what you need or not, know that because of this spiritual journey, various blessings of Allah will be showered on you.

 There is no set way to perform Umrah (Umrah visa), as Britons can perform Umrah with any visa. After the Saudi Prince’s launch of the 2030 program, you can perform Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’i, and Qasr activities on any visa. Visa means obtaining permission to enter the country whether your purpose is tourism, business, religion, etc. 

When we talk about an Umrah visa, it means intending Umrah.

Steps to Obtain an Umrah Visa from UK

After eliminating the paperwork, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah introduced an electronic method to obtain an Umrah visa quickly. All you need to do is visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia. There are no more hidden costs like in the past. This visa fee is approximately £89 but may vary due to additional charges by the Saudi Ministry. The time limit for issuance of an Umrah visa is usually 24 hours, but this limit may extend beyond 24 hours.

Remember these basics before applying for an Umrah visa from UK:

· A valid passport for at least six months from arrival in Saudi Arabia.

· A recent passport-size photograph.

· A confirmed hotel reservation.

· If you are not an adult, you must be accompanied by a guardian (male or female).

An applicant can apply for his visa without interfering with any travel agent. You need a white background passport-size photo in which your face is shown in front; sided pic isn’t valid. Here you don’t require to enter the flight name and time but enter the departing and arrival dates are just mentioned. It’s right; you are free of shows entering the air source, but you will enter the address where you live in Kingdom. 

Solo travel is not accepted in Islam religion for a lady. Therefore she traveled to Umrah to accompany her male relative in the past era before the beginning of Umrah 2023.

If someone has no British passport, you have residence proof is enough to get a trip permit. Remember, you don’t need a vaccination certificate shown on anyone except the flight terminals. 

Hidden Fee in Umrah Visa:

If you are applying for your visa yourself or through a travel agency on your behalf, you should know what the hidden fees are in the Umrah visa. The Ministry has closed the gap between the applicant and the embassy by opening the e-Visa. Umrah visa does not require paying flight ticket fees, hotel reservation charges, or transport fares.

The main objective of Vision 2030 is to facilitate foreigners in the Kingdom. Therefore, health and safety are two crucial issues involved in health insurance while paying for an Umrah visa. It must be obtained while travel insurance is not part of the visa fee. There are many options for paying the fee. If an Umrah agency is filling out your form on your behalf, they may charge a few extra pounds in the name of obtaining a visa processing fee. This figure is small; it will only be 20 to 30 pounds.


Carrying an Umrah visa for Saudi Arabia is vital in fulfilling your aspiration of bearing the sacred passage. The process involves careful planning, meeting eligibility requirements, and following the Saudi authorities’ precautions. By choosing a dependable trip agency and following the way in this companion, you can navigate the visa operation process painlessly, icing a meaningful and hassle-free Umrah experience.

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